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Wood Tasbih Bracelets – Easy Adjustable 33-bead Ironwood

Ironwood Tasbih Bracelet
Ironwood Tasbih Bracelets with 33 Beads

Handcrafted wood bead tasbih prayer bracelets. A 6-mm ironwood (known as stigi or setigi in Bahasa Indonesia) bracelet. Made with 33 beads, these tasbih bracelets are are adjustable to your wrist size. Our beaded bracelets are crafted to adjust to fit wrist sizes from 7 to 8.5 inches. These prayer bead bracelet tasbihs have an approximate 8.5-inch” (20 cm) max circumference so they will NOT fit over the head. These tasbih bracelets come in small 2×3-inch silver-foil gift boxes with single purchases for US and Canada customers.

Item Code:
Ironwood – TSB-6STG1

This bracelet tasbih is also available in Ironwood and Sandalwood. You’re welcome to purchase any of these bracelet tasbihs on our Etsy.

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