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Stretchable Oud Wood Tasbih Bracelet with 33 Saucer Shaped Beads

Handcrafted, Stretchable Oud Wood Tasbih Bracelet with 33 Saucer-shaped beads.
Handcrafted, Stretchable Oud Wood Tasbih Bracelet with 33 Saucer-shaped beads.

Discover the Elegance and Versatility of the Stretchable Oud Wood Tasbih Bracelet

Crafted from high-quality aromatic Indonesian oud wood, the Stretchable Oud Wood Tasbih Bracelet is a stunning accessory that effortlessly combines style with functionality. Its exquisite design and attention to detail make it a true statement piece for those who appreciate the beauty of natural materials.

The Stretchable Oud Wood Bracelet is carefully handcrafted from aromatic Indonesian oud wood, also known as agarwood or aloeswood. This wood is renowned for its captivating natural appearance and delightful scent. Each bracelet features 33 saucer-shaped beads, each bead measuring 9×6 mm, striking the perfect balance between size and charm.

A Unique Tasbih Bracelet: Style and Devotion Combined

Notably, the Stretchable Oud Wood Bracelet serves a dual purpose as it can be used as a tasbih as well. With its 33 beads and the inclusion of a prominently distinguishable round alif or imam, it stands out as a unique member of our Oud Wood Tasbih Bracelet collection. It represents both style and devotion, allowing you to carry your faith with grace.

Carefully Handcrafted

Every Oud Wood Bracelet is carefully handcrafted, reflecting our steadfast commitment to quality and attention to detail. While the tasbih bracelet in the accompanying photo represents the model, it’s important to note that each bracelet possesses its own unique characteristics, ensuring that your piece is truly one-of-a-kind. Rest assured, we guarantee the authenticity of our Oud Wood Tasbih Bracelets, as they are all crafted from genuine aloeswood.

The Captivating Natural Appearance of Oud Wood Beads

The Oud wood beads in this Tasbih Bracelet have a captivating natural appearance that emanates an earthy charm. Each bead highlights the unique characteristics of Indonesian oud wood, showcasing its natural grain and texture. The surface of each saucer-shaped bead exhibits a mesmerizing interplay of light and dark tones, creating a visually striking contrast. The rich and warm hues of the wood range from light browns to dark brown undertones, further enhancing the bracelet’s natural allure.

As you run your fingers over the beads, you’ll feel the smoothness and warmth of the wood’s surface. The craftsmanship involved in shaping these beads ensures a polished and refined finish while still preserving the wood’s raw and authentic character. With their natural imperfections and unique grain patterns, these oud wood beads encapsulate the essence of nature’s beauty. No two beads are exactly alike, enhancing the bracelet’s individuality and making it a true statement piece.

Enchanting Natural Oud Aroma

Beyond its captivating appearance, this bracelet entices the senses with its enchanting natural oud aroma. During the bead-making process, the slight heat generated by the machinery naturally releases the alluring scent of oud. Upon receiving your bracelet, you’ll be greeted by a subtle oud fragrance that evokes a sense of tranquility. Over time, the aroma may gradually fade due to exposure to air. However, fear not! A simple solution exists. By placing the bracelet in the sun or sealing it in a bag, you can rejuvenate the scent, allowing you to relish in the natural oud aroma time and time again.

Effortlessly Slide On and Off

One of its notable features that distinguishes it from others is its exceptional stretchability. The beads are firmly threaded on a durable elastic cord, providing an unmatched level of convenience. With the elastic cord, the bracelet effortlessly glides on and off your wrist, making it a hassle-free accessory that seamlessly integrates into your daily routine.

The durable elastic cord is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of everyday wear and tear. It guarantees that the bracelet maintains its shape and preserves its original beauty over time, enabling you to enjoy it for many years to come.

Designed for the Wrist

Keep in mind that the inside circumference of this bracelet measures 7.8 inches (20cm), specifically catering to being worn as a wrist accessory rather than a necklace. While it is meticulously designed to grace your wrist with comfort, it is not suitable for wearing around the neck.

Overall, the Stretchable Oud Wood Bracelet effortlessly combines style with functionality. Crafted from aromatic Indonesian oud wood, featuring 33 exquisite saucer-shaped beads, it strikes the perfect balance between size and charm. The Stretchable design ensures a comfortable and secure fit with its durable elastic cord. Embrace the captivating natural appearance and versatility of the Stretchable Oud Wood Bracelet, a unique and beautiful accessory that combines functionality with natural beauty. Whether as a fashion statement or a devotional tool, this bracelet is sure to enhance your personal style and make a lasting impression.

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