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Sandalwood Tasbih with Copper Decorated Black Tassels

Sandalwood Tasbih with Copper Decorated Black Tassels
Sandalwood Tasbih with Copper Decorated Black Tassels

Introduction: Islamic Prayer Beads

Islamic prayer beads, known as tasbih or misbaha, are an essential tool for Muslims worldwide. These beads are used to keep track of the repetition of certain dhikr or praises to Allah. They are typically made from a variety of materials, such as plastic, stone, precious metals, or natural woods, with each material adding its unique character to the tasbih.

Sandalwood – A Popular Material for Prayer Beads

Sandalwood is one of the most popular materials used for prayer beads, a fragrant wood that has been used for centuries in religious and spiritual practices. Sandalwood is native to Asia and is prized for its rich, woody aroma and smooth texture. TheTasbih brand offers a range of beautiful quality sandalwood prayer beads.

Features of TheTasbih Sandalwood Prayer Beads

This specific sandalwood tasbih by TheTasbih brand contains 99 beads with pronounced dividers between each 33-bead set, as is traditional for Islamic prayer beads. The beads are made from high quality natural Indonesian sandalwood and have a subtle, pleasant scent. The black tassels at the end of the tasbih are decorated with thin, coiled copper wire that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. This tasbih also comes with an extra 10-bead counter for extra repetitions and a space marker that can be moved to mark a specific count.

Quality Craftsmanship and Natural Finish

These prayer beads are handmade by Muslims and are of the highest quality craftsmanship. Unlike some other tasbihs on the market, TheTasbih brand does not use chemical finishes or lacquers, giving the tasbih a natural, matte finish. The beads are polished by hand to achieve a smooth, even texture. As the tasbih is used more and more, the beads will become increasingly shiny, making it a cherished and enduring companion for daily rememberence.

Unique Character of Natural Wood Tasbihs

One potential issue with natural wood tasbihs is that there can be variations in color and grain pattern. TheTasbih brand acknowledges this and notes that color variations may occur because the prayer bead set is made of all-natural wood. However, these variations only add to the unique character of each tasbih.

Additional Features

In addition to the quality and natural beauty, these sandalwood prayer beads by TheTasbih also come with a few additional features that make them even more appealing. One of the standout features of this tasbih and almost all TheTasbih brand prayer beads is their adjustable tension, allowing you to adjust the spacing between the beads to your preference, making the tasbih comfortable to use for extended periods. Strung on durable woven nylon cord that is virtually unbreakable, ensuring that the tasbih can withstand extended use.


Overall, this sandalwood tasbih is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality natural wood tasbih. The adjustable tension, additional counters, and natural sandalwood scent make these prayer beads stand out from others. Whether for personal use or as a gift, TheTasbih brand sandalwood prayer beads are sure to be appreciated by anyone who uses them.

A Closer Look at the Excellent Quality of This Tasbih

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