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Resin-Infused Pine Wood Tasbih: Pleasing Aroma and Rustic Beauty

Beautiful 99-bead pine wood tasbih with 10, 7, and 3-bead counters above the alif.
99-bead Pine Wood tasbih with 10, 7, and 3 bead counters above the alif.

An Exquisite Blend of Natural Pine Aroma and Rustic Beauty

In the realm of Muslim prayer beads, also known as Tasbihs, the pursuit of unique and pleasing designs often leads to remarkable discoveries. Among these treasures lies this Rustic 99-Bead Resin-infused Pine Wood Tasbih. The unique Pine Wood used in the construction of this tasbih hails from Indonesia. The resin-soaked nature of the wood bestows it with a slight translucency.

What is Resin-Infused Pine Wood?

Chunks of resin-infused Pine Wood – Wikimedia

Resin-infused Pine Wood also known as Pitch Wood or Fatwood – Wikipedia, is formed when trees release resin to protect wounds or expel insects. As the tree ages, excess resin accumulates in the heartwood, making it hard and durable. Dead branches on live pine trees, particularly where they meet the trunk, often contain Pitch Wood.

Pleasant Natural Pine Aroma

One of the most delightful characteristics of the Rustic 99-Bead Tasbih is its natural pine aroma. The resin-soaked pine wood emits a subtle fragrance that adds a sensory element to the Pine Wood tasbih. The scent serves as a gentle reminder of the natural world, enhancing the user’s connection to their surroundings.

Tailored for Convenience and Elegance

To facilitate the counting of recitations, the tasbih has 10, 7, and 3 bead counters above the alif with beautifully sculpted stops at the ends. These counters are made with 5mm beads. The addition of these counters showcases the careful consideration given to the design.

With an inside diameter of approximately 35 inches (90 cm), it can fit over any head size.

Noteworthy Details

This tasbih is presented in a small gift box, making it an ideal choice for customers in the United States and Canada. The inclusion of the gift box adds an element of elegance and ensures that the tasbih is protected during transit, ready to be gifted or treasured for personal use.


The Rustic 99-Bead Resin-infused Pine Wood Tasbih is an exceptional tasbih. Its pleasant pine aroma, resin-infused wood, and additional counters set it apart from other prayer beads. Whether used for personal devotion or given as a cherished gift, this tasbih represents a harmonious blend of natural beauty and craftsmanship.

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You may also purchase the 99-Bead, Pine Wood Tasbih from our Etsy store.

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