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Natural 6mm Citrus Wood Tasbih Prayer Beads

Natural 6mm Citrus Wood Tasbih Prayer Beads

High quality naturally yellow wood prayer beads made from Indonesian citrus wood. A 99-bead tasbih strung with durable matching woven cord which is virtually unbreakable. Has in inside diameter of 22-inches (56 cm) so it would just fit over most average head sizes to wear on the neck. This tasbih will not fit over larger than 22-inch head sizes or on people with lots of hair. Citrus wood is a light-weight wood. The tasbih only weighs about 20 grams.

These Muslim prayer beads aka dhikr or zikir beads have an extra 10-bead counter above the alif/imam bead and a movable space marker. These tasbih prayer beads are designed with half-knot and a lock bead above the alif which allows for the tension to be adjusted to set the desired amount of space between each bead. Comes in a small silver foil gift box for single purchases. Another high quality handcrafted tasbih from TheTasbih.
(in house note: this gift box feature has to be changed for EU FBA fulfillment listings for this item as we do not ship to EU FBA centers with boxes.)

•    Small Muslim tasbih strung on durable woven cord
•    Has 2 elegant matching handcrafted yellow tassels
•    Divided at each 33-Bead section, extra movable place marker
•    Adjustable tension, inside diameter 22″ (56 cm)
•    10-bead counter above alif for extensive repetitions
•    Item Code: TSC-9Y6Y1
Care suggestions: Dry-clean only. #prayerbeads #muslimprayerbeads#islamic #dhikr #sufi #salawat #thetasbih#tesbih #zikir #sufism #islam #muslimproduct#muslim #moslem #prayerbeads#muslimrosary #citruswood #namaz

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