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99-bead tamarind tasbih with matching dark brown tassels
99-bead tamarind tasbih with matching dark brown tassels


TheTasbih brand offers a unique and high-quality tasbih made from the dense core of aged Indonesian tamarind fruit trees. This article will discuss the key features and benefits of TheTasbih’s quality heavy wood 99-bead tamarind tasbih.

Must Have Tasbih Made From Aged Tamarind Fruit Trees
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Tamarind Tree Tasbih 8mm 99-bead Prayer Beads Worry Beads 2 Tassels
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Quality and Construction

The round beads of these tamarind wood tasbihs are not only beautiful, but they are also very smooth to the touch. Each bead has been hand-polished to a brilliant shine without the use of any chemicals, lacquers, or oils. The beauty of the tropical Asian wood used to make these beads is further enhanced by the unique rich wood grain characteristics. Additionally, the woven nylon strands that hold the beads together are very durable.

Lifetime Warranty

At TheTasbih, we are highly confident in the durability of its products, offering a lifetime warranty. This speaks to the level of quality and confidence that we have in our products.

Notable Features

One of the unique features of this tasbih is the patented adjustable tension, which allows users to customize the space between the beads to their preference. This tasbih also includes an extra 10-bead counter for extensive repetitions and a movable space marker that enables users to mark their progress and resume quickly from where they stopped.

Design and Versatility

The 99-bead tamarind wood prayer beads set can be worn around the neck like a necklace or wrapped around the wrist. The beads have a perfect thickness of 8-mm, and each 33-bead section is divided by a sculpted bead, commonly referred to as the Muezzin (call to prayer). The two high-quality dark brown tassels are crafted from the same durable nylon string as the beads, creating an elegant and cohesive tasbih.


TheTasbih’s tamarind wood tasbih offers many benefits to users, including its high-quality construction, adjustable tension, and lifetime warranty. Its elegant design and versatility make it a great choice for those looking for a quality tasbih.

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