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Handcrafted Ironwood and Tamarind Wood 33-bead Tasbih Bracelets

beaded wood tasbih bracelets

Handcrafted Ironwood and Tamarind Wood 33-bead Tasbih Bracelets

Wood bead tasbih bracelets with 6-mm beads. These prayer bead tasbih bracelets are handmade from fallen Indonesian tamarind and ironwood (also known as “stigi” or “setigi” wood) trees. Adjustable 33-bead tasbih bracelets designed to fit wrists from 7 to 8.5 inches in size. They both have 8-mm stop-beads with another small 5-mm bead to lock it in place. TheTasbih tasbih bracelets are made with virtually unbreakable woven nylon cords. These bracelets work well as a convenient 33-bead tasbih to use for dhikrs after salah/namaz or for traveling. The beads are polished, making them water resistant but it is recommended to remove them before bathing/showering to avoid discoloration. Coming in contact with soaps and other chemicals can cause the the beads to look dull. These tasbih bracelets set come in a small silver foil gift box for U.S. and Canada customers with retail purchases. The inside circumference of these bracelets is a maximum 8.5 inches (21.5 cm). Please measure your wrist if you are not sure of the bracelet size that would normally fit you.

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• Natural 6mm water-resistant tamarind and ironwood
• Adjustable 33-bead tasbih bracelet for 7-8.5-inch wrists
• Made with virtually unbreakable woven nylon string
• Can be used for prayer or a just as a beaded bracelet
• Comes in a small silver-foil gift box for US and Canada
• Inside circumference 7.8″ (20 cm). Do not fit over the head.

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Item Code: TSB-Q2RT1

Individual Item Codes:
Stigi: TSB-6STG1
Tamarind SKU: TSB-5TMR1

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