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Genuine Buffalo Horn Muslim Prayer Beads

Buffalo horn tasbih
Unique Buffalo Horn Prayer Beads

Have you ever experienced the beauty of prayer beads handcrafted from buffalo horn? The unique weight and texture of buffalo horn create a distinct prayer bead that is unlike any other. TheTasbih™ brand takes pride in offering handcrafted buffalo horn tasbihs made of recycled horns from buffalos that have been slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law. Rather than wasting valuable resources, they can be transformed into pieces of art that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Our small Turkish-style buffalo horn tasbih is a stunning example of this art form. The elegantly tapered oval-shaped beads feel incredibly smooth to the touch and are complemented by saucer-shaped dividers at each 11-bead section. A beautifully sculpted alif/imam adds to the exquisite design of this prayer bead.

It is worth noting that this 33-bead tasbih has a 14-inch inside diameter, which means it is not designed to be worn around the neck. Instead, it is meant to be held in the hand or worn as a bracelet.

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This unique Muslim tasbih prayer bead is also available for purchase from our Etsy shop.

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