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Exclusive Marble Orange Acrylic Tasbih with 33 Tapered Oval Beads

Marble Orange Acrylic Tasbih with 5 silver-tone Foxtail Chains

A Turkish-made 33-Bead Marble Orange Acrylic Tasbih

You’re looking at a unique limited-edition marble orange acrylic tasbih which is produced in small quantities. This beautiful acrylic (Poly(methyl methacrylate) – Wikipedia) tasbih was sourced exclusively for TheTasbih brand from craftsmen in the historic city of Konya near the tomb of the world-renown poet Jalaluddin Rumi.

The tapered oval beads are a marbled translucent light orange color, and the material for the beads is comprised of a compressed acrylic and synthetic amber compound. This compound makes the beads very hard and virtually unbreakable.

This 33-bead tasbih is decorated with five 1.5-mm silver-tone fox-tail chains with ornamental diamond-shape charms at the ends. These silver-tone ornamental charms and accents above the alif are made from a plated metal alloy NOT sterling silver. The 5 foxtail-style chain tassels are 1.3-inches (3.5-cm) long.

The tapering adds a distinctive shape to each bead. This unique tapered oval shape enhances the overall beauty of the tasbih, adding an extra level of elegance and uniqueness to this Turkish-made tasbih.

Specs for this 33-bead Marble Orange Acrylic Tasbih

Each bead measuring 13x10mm in size is strung on durable woven nylon string which is guaranteed not to break under normal usage and the color of the string is yellow, complementing the color of the beads. The total length of the tasbih when it is extended on a flat surface is approximate 13.5-inches (34-cm). Has a 16-inch (41-cm) inside circumference so it will not fit over the head. Because this tasbih has decorative chains and charms, it is not designed to wear on the wrist, as it may get caught on other items.
The small diamond-shape charms measure approximately 6 wide and 10-mm long. The alif (aka imam) is 10-mm at the widest point and 1-5/8 (4.2 cm) inch tall.


This is the perfect tasbih to leave on your prayer mat or rug for your private times of prayer, worship and supplication. This tasbih also makes an enjoyable gift for your loved ones during the festive times of Eid or just as a birthday or wedding present. This tasbih is perfect for men or women and makes a convenient travel companion.

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