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Dense Iron Wood Tasbih with Copper-decorated Black Tassels

Iron Wood Tasbih

This beautiful small tasbih is made from the dense Indonesian iron wood tree. The beads are 6mm round. There are 99 beads with 2 dividers at the 33-bead sections. It also has an additional 10-bead counter for extra repetitions. It is an assembled using very durable string. These prayer beads fit easily over the head on most people as it has a 24-inch inside diameter.

  • Beautiful gold brown iron wood tasbih
  • Unique size with extra 10-bead counter
  • Elegant hand-crafted tasbih with a large Alif/imam bead
  • Dense hard wood from Indonesia
  • 99-bead tasbih with 2 dividers, 10-bead counter, tassel and alif
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