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33-Bead Aromatic Sandalwood Tasbih with 2 Madinah Green Tassels
33-Bead Aromatic Sandalwood Tasbih with 2 Madinah Green Tassels

Indulge in the exquisite beauty of our handcrafted sandalwood prayer beads, crafted entirely from 100% natural Indonesian sandalwood. This 10mm 33-bead sandalwood tasbih is adorned with two superior “Madinah” green nylon tassels of the highest quality, beaded on matching durable and unbreakable woven nylon string.

“Madinah or Medina Green” is the shade of green similar to dome on the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) mosque in Madinatul-munawwarah. Learn more about this green dome.

This tasbih has an inside circumference of 13-inches so it does not fit over the head. Like most TheTasbih prayer beads, it features adjustable tension, allowing you to modify the spacing between the beads to your liking. This tasbih is exclusively handmade in Indonesia on a small scale for TheTasbih brand.

For our customers in the United States, each purchase comes elegantly packed in a small, luxurious silver-foil gift box, making it an excellent gift for yourself or a loved one.

Please keep in mind that these tasbihs are crafted from natural wood and handcrafted, so their design may differ slightly, and minor imperfections may be noticeable.

This tasbih is available for purchase on

33-Bead Sandalwood Tasbih with 2 Madinah Green Tassels
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Sandalwood 33-bead Tasbih Prayer Beads 10mm with 2 Green Copper Tassels
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You may also want to purchase this tasbih on our Etsy store at:

Lastly, we present a video showcasing this tasbih for those who like to examine in detail.

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