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Limited Edition 1000-Bead

Limited Edition 1000-Bead

All our exotic wood tasbih prayer beads are made by Muslims and are of the highest quality. We carry 1000-bead tasbihs in 3 types of wood; citrus wood, tamarind wood and schoutenia wood. All come with extra 10-bead counters.

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1000-Bead Citrus Tasbih Prayer Beads -15%

1000-Bead Exotic Yellow Citrus Wood Alfiya Tasbih Prayer Beads

Unique 1000-bead prayer bead tasbih also known as an alfiya or alfiyah tasbih. High quality exotic c..

$149.99 $127.99 Ex Tax: $127.99

1000-Bead Schoutenia Tasbih - 8mm Prayer Beads -26%

Limited Edition 1000-Bead Exotic Schoutenia Wood Muslim Tasbih

Unique 1000-bead prayer bead tasbih. High quality exotic wood from Indonesia. This prayer bead made ..

$149.00 $109.99 Ex Tax: $109.99

1000-Bead Tamarind Wood Long Tasbih -100%

LIMITED EDITION 1000-Bead Tamarind Wood Long Prayer Beads

Beautiful 8mm dense wood 1000-bead tasbih with dividers at each 100-bead section and a 10-bead count..

$149,000.00 $129.99 Ex Tax: $129.99