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Small Muslim Prayer Beads Made from Oud Wood aka Aloeswood or Agarwood

small Muslim prayer beads
Aloeswood aka Agarwood – Oud 33-bead Tasbih

Small Muslim prayer beads made from exotic Indonesian gaharu also known as oud, agarwood or aloeswood. It has a mild pleasant natural scent. There is an extra 8-bead counter above the alif (aka imam) and a 3-bead space marker. Those counters are made with 5×3 mm flat oval beads. It features two beautiful copper wire-decorated tassels. These small Muslim prayer beads are made with 8 mm beads divided at each 11-bead section by 9×2 mm saucer beads. The alif or imam is made with a 12-mm bead and a 5/8-inch long contoured bead. The inside circumference of this tasbih is 11-inches (28 cm) so it will not fit over the head. It is also too big to wear on the wrist. Note: the natural scent with dissipate with time and due to its reaction to the atmosphere. The beads have a thin gloss on them that may dissolve if the tasbih gets wet. These small Muslim prayer beads also come in a silver-foil gift box for single purchases. If you would like to learn more about this unique exotic wood please visit wikipedia at: Agarwood

* Handmade natural lightly scented exotic oud wood (aka agarwood or aloeswood) prayer beads
* Small Muslim prayer beads made with 8-mm beads, featuring an 8-bead counter and place marker
* Strung on durable woven black nylon cord with adjustable tension
*Unique light brown aloeswood gaharu oud from Indonesia
*Has two beautiful decorated tassels with shiny copper wire

Because this Muslim tasbih being handcrafted, they may vary slightly in design and natural discolorations may occur with each tasbih. Want to purchase this product? Click here: ALOESWOOD OUD TASBIH

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