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Prayer Bead Necklace – Muslim Tasbih Crafted from Dyed Black Citrus Wood

Prayer Bead Necklace
Dyed Black Citrus Prayer Bead Tasbih Necklace

Prayer bead necklace made from Indonesian citrus wood dyed a jet back. This pitch black Islamic tasbih is a made from a lightweight wood. The beads are dyed, not painted, so the color will not wear off or run. This tasbih is not only designed with a 10-bead counter with 4x7mm beads for extensive repetitions but also has a movable place-marker that can be set at specific place on the tasbih. The black shiny beads are smooth and comfortable to use. The beads are water resistant but we do not recommend washing them or leaving them in water as that may cause discoloration. The imam bead is nicely carved as well. Our tasbihs are strung with woven durable nylon cord and come with a lifetime warranty. These prayer beads have a 28-29-inch (71-73 cm) circumference to fit easily over your head. There are a total of 99 beads on the tasbih necklace with a beautifully sculpted divider bead at each 33-bead section. The unique feature with most TheTasbih brand tasbihs is that the tension/space between beads can be adjusted to your own liking. Comes in a silver-foil 2×8-inch cotton-filled gift box for single purchases for US and Canadian buyers.

Muslim prayer bead necklaces are also called tesbih in Turkish, and sibha or subḥah in some Arab countries. The Encyclopedia Britannica explains what a subḥah is saying the following: “Subḥah, string of Muslim prayer beads whose units (100, 25, or 33) represent the names of God. As the beads (made of wood, bone, or precious stones) are touched one by one, Muslims may recite any of numerous formulas, the most common being “Glory to Allāh.” But because prayer may also be recited in the secret of one’s heart, a person can multiply his praises of God by merely moving the beads through his fingers while engaged in conversation. You can read more about subḥahs from their site at:

Handmade with dyed 8mm Indonesian citrus wood beads
Pitch black shiny beads with unbreakable woven nylon cord
Has an extra 10-bead counter and movable place marker
Comes in a small 2×8 silver foil gift box with single purchases
Features our signature adjustable tension/spacing between beads

Please click here to order the item: TheTasbih® Black Tasbih Made From Citrus Wood Hand-crafted Copper Wired Tassels and you may also order this item from our Etsy store at:
Item Code: TSC-8K9K1

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