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Black Citrus Wood Tasbih

Black Citrus Wood Tasbih
Black Citrus Wood Tasbih with 10-Bead Counter and Marker (di Indonesia hubungi 08777-5888-093)
A unique black citrus tasbih prayer bead necklace made from Indonesian citrus wood. This tasbih is not only designed with a 10-bead counter with 4x7mm beads for extensive repetitions but also has a movable place marker. The black shiny beads are smooth and comfortable to use. The imam bead is nicely carved as well. All of our tasbihs are strung with woven durable string and come with a lifetime warranty. These prayer beads have a 28-30 inch diameter so they will fit over anyone’s head. There are total of 99 beads on the tasbih with divided at each 33-bead section. Comes in a silver foil gift box for US and Canada buyers.
Made from dyed Indonesian Citrus Wood
Shiny 8-mm round beads with 2 dividers
Pitch black shiny beads on durable cord
Features an extra 10-bead and movable spacer
Has beaded stops instead of tassels
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